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One of the stations of Radio Poland, targeted primarily at the younger generation, which doesn’t mean that the older listeners won’t find something for themselves here. Many interesting programmes, some of them broadcasted with video, and diverse genres of music make “Czwórka” listened by a broad audience of Poles.



Poznaj Świat (Discover the World) is the oldest travel magazine in Poland, being issued without interruptions for over 66 years! It has a set position on the market and a steadily increasing liking among the readers. In the spirit of the motto “Poznaj Świat inspires reading and travelling”, this monthly magazine publishes articles about extremely interesting and surprising places, events or expeditions. Originally edited sections such as Fotoforum, Geoskop, Nawigator, Outdoor, as well as educational and informative articles are constant elements of each issue. It is without a doubt that everyone will find something for themselves in Poznaj Świat.



It’s a popular and valued sport site that recently started to specialize only in cycling (for many years it was a general sport portal). Fast delivery of information, professional and reliable journalism – this is the essence of S24.



On the site you will find interesting information about freestyle, sports, music and hi-tech. Since this year, a printed magazine of the same name is also being issues, which successfully debuted in the world of “paper media”. Extraordinary articles, fantastic photos and out of the box approach – simply freestyle.



WOODRIDE is primarily a portal about original sports and lifestyle. It’s also an interactive, open for its community, sport-lifestyle platform. Our interests are: widely understood mountain biking “MTB” (downhill, freeride, endure, slopestyle, dirt, 4X, BMX racing and a bit more recognizable XC), surfing water sports (surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding). There’s also an abundance of all “deck” sports – skateboarding, longboarding and mountainboarding, as well as winter sports (snowboard and skiing in its more sophisticated variants, such as downhill, freeride or half-pipe)



Rowerowa Telewizja (Cycling Television) is a new project, with its authors being a group of cycling enthusiasts and, at the same time, video production specialists. The fusion of these two passions allows them to realize interesting video productions – obviously on the topic of cycling. They are connected with Jelenia Góra valley, therefore they could not be missing amongst the media sponsors of “Przesieka Enduro MTB Series”.



The event could not have happened without the support of the Podgórzyn municipality. Therefore, we’d like to express our gratitude for the trust and support for our initiative.

The Podgórzyn municipality has been supporting various cycling events for years. This support stems from the strategy of development and promotion of the municipality as a place for people who spend their time actively. The municipality hosted, among others, fragments of stages of Tour de Pologne, World University Cycling Championship (Baltic Sea – Karkonosze stage), Poland Mountain Road Championship, Poland University Mountain Cycling Championship, Bike Marathon and many others.



BenQ Poland is cooperating with us for a 4th season already. The mutual trust and understanding, a foundation of business relations in sports, allowed us to realize many interesting projects (e.g. the series of cross-country races AZS MTB CUP or urban cycling sprints Eliminator MTB). The brand is mainly known for its multimedia projectors and monitors, whose quality to price ratios are amongst the best on the market. The company has also cameras, camcorders or interactive flat panels used in education in its offer.



Many cyclists in Poland recognize this Scottish clothing brand dedicated to enduro riding. The recognition is valid, as the quality and functionality of these products is top-notch. Long testing procedures, well thought through solutions and modern materials make these products a must have cycling equipment. It’s worth remembering, however, that Endura offers road cycling clothing too (sponsoring, amongst others, the cycling team UCI World Tour Movistar), as well as helmets, protectors or eyewear.



Similarly to BenQ, it is the 4th year that Varta supports our projects. The mutual understanding of our needs and expectations resulted in effective promotional actions – e.g. contests, newsletters, equipment tests. The flagship products of Varta are obviously batteries, but the company has also many models of flashlights, portable chargers, etc. on offer. We’re very proud to have the opportunity to cooperate with a company with over a century of history.



The Deuter company was established in 1898 by Hans Deuter. Through the years of its existence the brand supported and took part in the greatest climbing and touring successes, proving its quality in the most extreme conditions. The readers of Outdoor Magazine granted Deuter’s products 1st places in “Gear of the Year” vote in all 3 categories! Deuter has won the annual “Best Brand” vote of MountainBike Magazine (reader’s choice) for the 6th time already. Therefore, it can be said Deuter achieves new heights each year, as each result is also a new challenge for the next year and a need to cope with raised bar of expectations.



Julbo is a French brand established in 1888 by Jules Baud. To this day, the company is being managed by the Baud family. Julbo is, above else, a technical brand. Basing on own experience and knowledge, Julbo chooses only the best materials and uses special coatings: antireflective, anti-fog, waterproof finish, etc. to create exclusive, high performance lenses. All Julbo glasses fulfil European, American and Australian standards, guaranteeing visual reliability and safety. Currently, being a brand in sport sunglasses sector and a renowned leader of children sunglasses market, Julbo expands in the direction of general consumers and goggles.



Juice Lubes is a British specialist in premium lubricating products, including oils for chains and shock-absorbers, greases, as well as cleaning and maintenance products. Since the beginnings of the company, all products are designed and manufactured in Great Britain, with a single goal – to satisfy high expectations of each user, increasing the quality and longevity of the used equipment. Many people express a wrong belief that a proper maintenance is time consuming and hard to do. We agree that it’s much better to spend time on a bike, enjoying it during a ride, than to lose time and money on servicing it.



The TSG brand was created in Germany in 1988. The goal was to create protecting accessories that skaters would truly want to wear. The mission was successfully accomplished: TSG helmets and protectors revolutionized the industry and the brand became an example to be followed. In 1999 a snowboarding line of products was introduced, bringing a completely new look on the world of winter sports. Continuous drive to a more intensive expansion of the company and a larger portfolio of products lead to research on the needs of athletes in other disciplines, such as mountain biking, BMX, wakeboarding and skiing. The quality of TSG helmets can be vouched for by the legend himself: Tony Hawk, whose head was protected by TSG-brand helmet during his serious accident. To express his gratitude for TSG and the founder of the company, Titus, Tony Hawk signed the helmet he wore.



Nikwax produces high quality cleaning and impregnation products. Nikwax extends the lifetime and maintains the properties of clothing, footwear and gear. Whether you work or spend your free time, Nikwax allows you to enjoy impermeability. The impregnating components find their way exactly where they’re supposed to – less product is wasted which helps to save money. Nikwax can be used in washing machines, during hand washing on can be applied as a spray. The products are not sold as an aerosol, are non-toxic, don’t contain fluorocarbons, are safe for the natural environment and are water-based.