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About the sponsors


About Cat devices and accessories:

The Cat® phone brand stands for trustworthiness, durability, reliability and quality. The Cat DNA is found in every Cat mobile phone, offered by its global mobile licensee Bullitt Group, whose exceptional manufacturing experience is harnessed to create a global-category-leading mobile range in a highly competitive and poorly differentiated market.

Cat rugged devices are used in many areas – they are suitable for construction and architecture, energy, electronics, hydraulics, automotive, veterinary, emergency services and in the hands of people practicing outdoor sports. The devices have excellent durability parameters – they have military certificates and comply with IP68 and IP69 standards, so they are resistant to a fall from a height of 1.8 m on steel, resistant to fresh and salt water, vibrations, dust, salt mist, high pressure and differential temperatures from -20 to 400 degrees Celsius.

The Cat S62 Pro is equipped with a FLIR® thermal imaging camera, while the Cat S42 H + smartphone and Cat B40 phone have a silver ion casing that makes them the world's first fully antibacterial devices. In addition, all Cat models feature Corning® Gorilla® Glass protective glass and their screen can be operated with a wet hand or gloves. The Cat product portfolio currently includes the following models: Cat B26 and Cat B40 phones, and Cat S42 H + and Cat S62 Pro smartphones.

To find out more about Cat phones, visit www.catphones.com.


Makita is an international corporation with over 100 years of experience. It has been officially in Poland since 1995 and, apart from its polish headquarter in Bielsko-Biała, it also has two logistics centers with a well-equipped training center and a showroom in Brwinów near Warsaw. Makita is a world leader in the production of power tools, which are characterized by high quality, reliability, development and technological advancement. Makita Polska provides a network of dealerships, distribution and promotion of Makita machines and accessories throughout the country.



It is the 6th year that Varta supports our projects. The mutual understanding of our needs and expectations resulted in effective promotional actions – e.g. contests, newsletters, equipment tests. The flagship products of Varta are obviously batteries, but the company has also many models of flashlights, portable chargers, etc. on offer. We’re very proud to have the opportunity to cooperate with a company with over a century of history.



Five Seasons One and Five Seasons Two are two boutique aparthotels located in a central location in Szklarska Poręba, designed with the comfort of our guests in mind. An ideal location close to hiking and cycling routes, tastefully furnished apartments with a private sauna, delicious breakfasts and unique SPA treatments - all this makes you want to come back to Five Seasons.



Blue Mountain Resort with an aquapark is a comfortable and innovative facility designed for family leisure. It is located in the extremely picturesque scenery of the Giant and the Jizera Mountains in one of the most beautiful Sudeten villages of Szklarska Poręba. This unique place combines various forms of rest and activity.



Elements Hotel & Spa it`s a 5 - star hotel located in Świeradów - Zdrój. Situated on small altitude, in a picturesque forests, with a view on Izery Mountains. Close access to the city center allows you to use offered services of Świeradów Zdrój spas. At guests disposal we gives 291 apartments, projected in a extraordinary and modern style, Spa zone, sauna complex, pools and hot tubs. Our guests have also at their disposal a`la carte restaurant and forum bar.



One of the world’s most trusted tire brands, Maxxis delivers high-quality tire products to customers in 180 countries and employs more than 25,000 people. Of course, we didn’t become one of the world’s top tire companies overnight. Through the years since its founding in 1967, Maxxis has become known for its commitment to excellent products and customer service. That commitment to offer the best has led us to create new technologies to develop our tires. Maxxis products are then tested both at our own facilities and at the world’s leading tire test centers. Input from our roster of championship-winning riders also ensures that our products measure up to the toughest real-world standards. Every Maxxis tire is manufactured using the most advanced equipment, by personnel who display a dedication to quality at every level, from management to the factory floor.


The Nutrend company started its activity in 1993. From the very beginning, we took care of the high quality of our products - dietary supplements and nutrients. For this purpose, we have established our own production center, where we can control the entire process of creating our products, starting from the selection of the best-quality ingredients, supplied only by proven and reliable suppliers, through the production of dietary supplements and nutrients using the best technologies and maintaining the highest manufacturing standards, to packaging the finished product and its distribution.


julbo logo  

Julbo is a French brand established in 1888 by Jules Baud. To this day, the company is being managed by the Baud family. Julbo is, above else, a technical brand. Basing on own experience and knowledge, Julbo chooses only the best materials and uses special coatings: antireflective, anti-fog, waterproof finish, etc. to create exclusive, high performance lenses. All Julbo glasses fulfil European, American and Australian standards, guaranteeing visual reliability and safety. Currently, being a brand in sport sunglasses sector and a renowned leader of children sunglasses market, Julbo expands in the direction of general consumers and goggles.






eLUBE is a Polish brand of professional lubricants was established in Lublin. The manufacturer's goal is to produce good quality lubricants characterized by a very long life. The lubricant range is permanently enlarged. At the beginning, the company produced 4 types of lubricant for the bicycle chain, today there are already 8 of them. The eLUBE offer also has many lubricants for all cycling applications such as brake cables, bearings, shock absorbers or threads. In addition, the manufacturer began to develop a line of cleaning products. The aesthetic and very functional packaging will appeal to even the most demanding cycling enthusiasts.





Our company was created on the basis of a joined motorcycle sports team. Over the years of successful motorcycle racing we were able to create a team of highly qualified and passionate engineers, racing enthusiasts and mechanics.

Performing engine tuning, chassis adjusting, developing various high-performance racing components - from handlebars to engine elements - this all helped us to accumulate a significant experience and valuable knowledge for our future undertakings.

After leaving the area of professional motorcycle racing and passing it on to be mastered by our children, we focused on building hi-end custom bicycles and manufacturing high-performance bike components.






We know that feeling when you want to be the best at what you do. When a hobby is no longer just a pastime and becomes a part of our lives. When you want to constantly develop, win, overcome your own weaknesses, become better. We know what it is like - to feel my strength and power, to be proud of myself, because I can overcome next difficult route. We know you can do even more. We are like you. MTB is in our DNA, which is why we understand your needs so well.

3biker is a Polish brand with values, founded by an active MTB cyclist and, and which is rarely seen 100% Polish production, from professional sports knit to sewing.



The Kresto brand has been on the market since 1994. The products available in its offer have been synonymous with conscious nutrition for years and are present in many Polish cuisine. The Kresto logo adorns the packaging of a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts, such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, raisins or various types of nuts. All articles are made of the highest quality raw materials.



Company specialized in the production of pneumatic advertising carriers. In the range of products offered by us you can find advertising balloons, pneumatic gates, pneumatic tents, advertising poles, swings, recreational devices, but also other non-pneumatic advertising products such as roll-up stands, or large format prints. Such a wide assortment allowed us to create an interesting portfolio providing comprehensive service to customers organizing advertising campaigns. Thanks to our cooperation we can use the highest quality pneumatic gate, wallpress, banners and walls for tents.



Bike Doctor Service is broadly defined, professional service of bicycles . We provide all bike types repairs, and undertake as well complex and ad-hoc support. Nontypical orders like old bikes renovations & restorations are also well known for us. We also undertake other unconventional challenges. Professional service of bike suspensions is essential part of our activity. We are servicing suspension forks and rear dampers of market leadres e.g. Rock Shox, Fox and many other producers. We are developing professional assembly of competitive bike wheels. In our offer there are components of leading brands: Sram, Shimano, KMC, Rithey, KCMC and more. In backround of our work there are many years of experience achieved in our workshop and on the international arena. As a mehcanics of Polish National Team and other professional teams, we participated in support of World Championship, World's Cup, European Championship and European Olimpics in Baku. In our service a workmanship, professionalism and sincerity are overriding values, and the most important objective is our clients satisfaction. 



We are a company established in 2009 in Prague by people who live for sports. We closely specialize in technical sportswear. Our number one sport is cycling, but during winter, we also focus on cross-country skiing, which is the perfect alternative to cycling when snow arrives. We are experts on both sports. We want our clothing to help everyone pushing its own limits.



We are Dandy Horse and we take pride in precision. We research, design and test every aspect of our bicycle wheels. Perfection is what we are after. We are closer everyday.
We use the best tools to do so. Sometimes we have to invent them. We learn all the time and don't take things for granted.
We work with the best components and know how to choose them. We have established a strong relationship with our suppliers to control the quality of every single part that we brand.
We work with and for professionals as well as amateurs of the cycling culture. We're passionate about what we do. We believe that it manifests itself in our work.